Chevrolet and GM auto service in New Smyrna Beach, and Daytona Beach FL

We would like to take this time to welcome you to New Smyrna Express Service your home for the finest factory trained Chevrolet technicians and state of the art vehicle service department in the area. Conveniently located just down the road from Daytona Beach, home of the Birthplace of NASCAR and the World’s Most Famous Beach. We are also the home of one of the best service departments on the East Coast of Florida.

Whether you plan to bring your General Motors vehicle to our service department for a routine oil change and tire rotation or a complete tune up or overhaul, our skilled technicians are ready to keep it running like new. Along with this we offer a range of money saving coupons and specials designed to help keep the cost of maintaining your vehicle under control. We can replace belts, hoses, tires, brakes, provide tune ups, keep your air conditioning ice cold, and more.

Clean Oil Equals Long Life

Changing the oil and filter on a regular basis is the single most important form of routine maintenance your vehicle needs. The oil in your vehicle’s engine is its lifeblood; if you allow it to become dirty and contaminated it can lead to accelerated wear and significant engine damage. The heat and humidity during a Port Orange summer can be brutal, this means your engine is being constantly subjected to this extreme heat, which can break down the oil more quickly than in many other areas of the country.

Because of this, it is vital that you follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance guide to the letter. Take a few moments to visit our service and parts pages on our website where you will find a number of specials and coupons to help reduce your maintenance costs. Along with this we only use OEM parts and fluids as they are guaranteed to keep your vehicle running like new for as long as you own it.

We Offer More than Clean Engine Oil

When you bring your vehicle to New Smyrna Express Service for an oil and filter change or for any other form of service, you get far more than the service you came in for. Our factory trained expert technicians understand how hard the soaring summer temperatures can be on vital components of your vehicle such as belts, hoses, brakes, and tires. Because of this they will give your vehicle a thorough inspection and present you with a checklist covering anything they happen to find. You can then use this information to keep your vehicle running smoothly and safely.

Beware the Daily Grind

If at any time you should happen to hear a grinding, squealing, or scrapings sound from your brakes or the pedal feels spongy, it is time for you to bring your vehicle to us for a complete brake inspection. Our techs will measure the drums and rotors for wear and out of true, pads for wear percentage, and check hydraulics, springs, calipers, and hardware. Once the inspection is complete you will be presented with a list of the repairs needed to ensure your vehicle continues to be safe.

From the top brands in tires to a new battery, we are here to keep your Chevrolet or General Motors vehicle running its best. We also offer complete service and maintenance for other brands of vehicles to ensure all of your vehicles are kept running their best. From oil changes to complete tune ups, let our team of factory trained and fully certified technicians be the only team you turn to when your Chevrolet or GM vehicle needs maintenance or repairs. Call us today for an appointment at 888-708-6337.