Keep Your Car Running with a New Smyrna Express Service $9.95 Oil Change

Oil Change New Smyrna Beach FL

If there is one thing you can do that will keep your car running like new throughout its life, it’s to keep the oil changed on a regular basis. Your engine’s oil is your car’s lifeblood; if you allow it to go unchanged and dirty, the grit and grime will soon wreak havoc on all internal parts. If you look at the maintenance information in your owner’s manual, the one common thing you will see at each service interval is an oil and filter change. We have been offering residents of New Smyrna Beach, FL our $9.95 oil change special for quite a while to help them keep their cars running smoothly.

What Is So Important about Clean Engine Oil?

Anyone who has lived in the New Smyrna Beach, FL area through at least one summer can tell you how hot it gets here. Not only is this heat hard on your body, it is extremely hard on your car’s engine. To help combat the effects of triple digit heat both outside and under the hood, your car needs a top quality motor oil and filter. When you come to us for our $9.95 oil change special, we use genuine GM filters where applicable and superior quality oils.

Excessive heat such as what we deal with here in New Smyrna can cause your engine to run hotter than normal. In turn this can cause the oil to break down sooner rather than later. Every moving part in your car’s engine requires lubrication to keep it from wearing prematurely and breaking down. Even if your oil remains relatively clean, the extreme heat will cause it to break down. In turn this reduces its effectiveness as a lubricant.

Without regular oil changes, heat can become a major contributor to engine failure.

As your engine piles on the miles, internal parts such as bearings, valves, pistons, rings, timing chains, and gears begin to all wear. During this process, tiny particles of metal end up in the oil. Most are caught by the oil filter, but some remain suspended in the oil and help to contribute to even more wear. Our $9.95 oil change keeps the oil in your car fresh and includes a new filter to help remove as much of this debris as possible. The worst thing you can possibly do to your engine is fail to keep the oil and filter changed. If you do this, you will dramatically shorten its lifespan and end up with large repair bills.

What You Get with Our $9.95 Oil Change Special

When you bring your vehicle to New Smyrna Chevrolet for our $9.95 oil change, our team of professional, factory trained, and certified technicians will do far more than simply change the oil and filter. While your vehicle is on the rack being serviced, they will inspect for signs of leaks, adjust your tire pressures, and look for any signs of damage or wear.

Once they go under the hood, our techs will check and fill all of your fluids to the appropriate levels using the proper fluids. Your air filter will be inspected and cleaned, and we will check your belts for signs of cracking and wear. After the inspection is complete, if any problems are found, you will be given a list of what needs to be done along with a price quote. This will help you decide what needs to be taken care of now and what you can schedule for a later date.

Our $9.95 oil change special is not just for Chevrolet cars, trucks, crossovers, vans, and SUVs. We will gladly service most other makes and models. We have customers from all over the New Smyrna Beach, FL area bring their vehicles to the one place they know they can trust to treat them and their vehicle right every time they come in for service work. To help offset the cost of service work visit us online where you will always find outstanding deals and coupons. Drive in today and give your vehicle a new lease on life with our $9.95 oil change special.

Written By: Jeremy Kiel