How to Do an Oil Change

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How to Do an Oil Change: New Smyrna Beach FL Owner Tips

Taking care of your car is the only way to ensure that you will be able to drive it for years, but it is also an important way to save money on fuel and keep up performance. Whether you own a Chevrolet or any other vehicle, knowing how to do an oil change near Port Orange, Florida is a great way to keep your car, truck or SUV in running order. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get your tools and parts together
    You’ll need a few items in order to change the oil. Check your owner’s manual to find what kind of oil you will need. They come in ratings, such as 5w-30 or something similar. There are a number of reputable brands that you can choose from at an auto parts retailer. You will also need a new filter and that is something that you may need to talk to an employee to find the right one.

    The major issue for many people is tools. You will want to have a basin that is at least two gallons, and preferably three, in order to catch the oil as it drains from your vehicle. Keep in mind that while you can use the bottles of new oil to store and dispose of the used fluids, it is nearly impossible to align it properly. You will also need a wrench in order to unscrew the oil filter if necessary as well as the drain plug.

  2. Safety
    Make sure you wear protective gloves and wait for the vehicle to cool down just a bit so you don’t have to worry about burning oil. Place the basin under the drain plug and then remove it. Keep in mind that most cars take about five quarts of oil, so you should see about a gallon and a quart of fluid as it drains. Replace the drain plug.

  3. Replace the filter
    Take the oil filter that you bought and place it next to you for easier access. The filter may be located under the hood or underneath the vehicle, so making sure you have it on hand is crucial if you’re underneath. Be sure to have an old rag or a few paper towels to place the old filter on when you’re done. Part of learning how to do an oil change in New Smyrna Beach, Florida is knowing how tightly to screw the filter into your car. Make sure that you do so until it is firm, but don’t risk breaking it by going any further.

  4. Replace the oil
    Find the dipstick in the engine bay. Use a funnel to gently pour in about five quarts of oil. Turn on your vehicle and run it for a minute or two to warm up the engine. Then you check the dipstick to ensure that there is enough oil. Now just find a safe, legal place to dispose of the used oil and filter and you’re all set! Of course, you have other options as well.

Written By: Jeremy Kiel

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