Car Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips from New Smyrna Beach FL

Car Maintenance Tips for Car Owners

There are a number of ways that a car owner can make sure that their vehicle remains in great condition even after it has been on the road for thousands of miles. Getting regular service at a dealership is one way to do so. However, there are also things that should be checked out on a regular basis to reduce the risk of problems, from tires to fluids and more. Here are some car maintenance tips for Daytona Beach FL owners to make sure you do not run into any issues with your vehicle.

Fluids and Engine Oil Inspection

Every few weeks, you should pop the hood and take a look at the levels of a number of systems on your car. That includes the antifreeze/windshield washer fluid. Even when the weather turns sunny and warm and with the summer coming, you do not want to risk losing visibility if you have road grit on your windshield that you cannot wash off. It is also important during the winter to avoid any freeze-ups. If you have the ability to check the radiator, that is also an important component.

The more critical thing to check is the engine oil. If you have never done so before it is still relatively easy to do and is one of the most important car maintenance tips for Port Orange FL owners. You can take a look at your owner’s manual to see where the dipstick is. Make sure you have a rag that you can wash or a paper towel on hand. Look for two things: one, that the level does not seem low compared to the markings on the dipstick which could be a sign of a more serious issue and two, the color. It is fine if the oil looks dark. However, if it is completely dark even in the sheen you will want to change the oil at your earliest opportunity. You can take advantage of the New Smyrna Express Service Center $9.95 oil change for this.

Tires and Tread Wear

You may know about the Abraham Lincoln Test. You stick a penny in between the treads and if all of the president’s head is showing, your tires are bald and you run a higher likelihood of getting into an accident. The same penny can also help prevent more serious problems as well. Most people only check the center groove of the tire.

To see if you have any alignment issues you should check each of the grooves on all four tires to find out if you have uneven tread wear. Grip the penny where the tread ends and if there are major differences, take your vehicle in for repairs at a shop with experienced staff like New Smyrna Express Service Center.

Going Beyond Car Maintenance Tips for New Smyrna FL Drivers

There are a number of things that you can do to ensure that your car, truck or SUV provides peak performance on your own. However, some issues cannot be solved just by taking advantage of car maintenance tips for owners living in New Smyrna Beach FL. For any other needs, including collision repair, timing belt replacement and others you will want to take your car to an experienced mechanic. We have certified technicians and great deals on a number of maintenance options for owners who take their vehicle to New Smyrna Express Service Center.

Written By: Jeremy Kiel

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